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Dennou Coil

In this future, a mobile phone like technology has people wear special visors to superimpose coordinated, instant virtual images over the top of their everyday real world. This cyberspace layer, "space", interacts perfectly as you move about or touch things. It even allows children to have advanced Tamagotchi style cyberpets (very tidy!), or to make video calls using simple hand gestures alone.
However, something is happening in Daikoku which the adults have not yet noticed. Cyberpets go missing, dangerous spherical robots patrol the skies and a mysterious gigantic character named Satchii seems connected to it all.
When 6th grader Yasako moves to Daikoku to be with family, her beloved pet goes missing too, and she is drawn into the affairs of a 'Cyberpet Recovery Agency' run by the local children.

Dans ce futur, un téléphone mobile comme la technologie a des personnes portant des visières spéciales pour superposer des images virtuelles coordonnées et instantanées au sommet de leur monde réel quotidien. Cette couche de cyberespace, «espace», interagit parfaitement lorsque vous bougez ou touchez des objets. Il permet même aux enfants d'avoir des cyberpets avancés de style Tamagotchi (très bien rangé!), Ou de faire des appels vidéo en utilisant simplement des gestes simples.
Cependant, quelque chose se passe à Daikoku que les adultes n'ont pas encore remarqué. Les cyberpètes disparaissent, de dangereux robots sphériques patrouillent dans les cieux et un mystérieux personnage gigantesque nommé Satchii semble connecté à tout ça.
Quand la 6e niveleuse Yasako déménage à Daikoku pour être avec sa famille, son animal de compagnie bien-aimé disparaît aussi, et elle est entraînée dans les affaires d'une «Agence de récupération Cyberpet» dirigée par les enfants locaux.
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Alternative Names: Cyber Coil, Denno Coil, Coil - A Circle of Children
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction
Demographic/Démographique: Shoujo
Adapted from light novel series/Adapté en série de romans légers, Dennou Coil - Novel



highly original. seems well written too.


This is like an intersection between a fairly familiar mundane adult setting lightly retro world of prepubescent kids and their holographic pets and some odd and dangerous representives of mechine dystopia. Having such young children run into (apparently) real danger is kind of a shock and leaves and leaves lots of directions for the plot to develop. It's one of the most original anime pilots I've seen so far.

Michael Eh?

At first I thought it was Myiazaki meets the matrix but after watching a full episode, it's more like Ghibli-style doing Digimon. Well not quite Digital Montsers but digital pets. The real twist is these pets and alot of the virtual others occuply or share real space. Thus the juxapose of mundane Japanese suburban life and weirdness of virtual virus hunters. It also takes a twist that virtual pets mimic their real life counterparts rather than the weird designs of digital creatures in other shows. The main character, Yasako, seems to be clueless of this which allows the writer to have a other characters explain thus filling us in on this world without having to pause the story to explain things to the viewer. Incredible show. For those weho love Studio Ghibli's style, this is a must see.


Art design is simple, lends itself well to the young characters.

Lord of Acarina

Well written and seems the be placed in a very complex world.

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Reviewed Date: June 24 2007, Jan 13 2008

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