Clamp School Paranormal Investigators

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Clamp School Paranormal Investigators

When mysterious phenomena rock the CLAMP campus, there's only one group to turn to - the Paranormal Investigators, skilled at getting to the bottom of all things otherworldly!
This kooky cast of characters, loosely based on the CLAMP artists themselves, will take you on a wild journey through their own adventures and misadventures. When the three-volume series wraps, you'll be left with a lasting impression of the multitude of mythology haunting both CLAMP School and the Paranormal Investigators.
from Tokyopop
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Alternative Names: CLAMP-Gakuen Kaikigensho-KenKyukai Jiken
Author: CLAMP, MATSUMOTO Tomiyuki
Artist: CLAMP
Genre: Comedy, Mystery, School Life, Supernatural
These novels are based upon role-playing game (Clamp Gakuen TRPG) sessions played by Game master Tomiyuki Matsumoto, Takeshi Okazaki and Clamp members.


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