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Wedding Peach

Momoko Hanasaki is a First-Year junior high student who has a major crush on her upperclassman Kazuya Yanagiba. She’s an ordinary girl… or was, until the day an angel named Limone gave her a magical compact that transformed her into the demon fighting love angel Wedding Peach. As Wedding Peach, Momoko learns of a battle waging between angels and devils and that the only way to stop it is to find the Four Sacred Some-Things. Now she must fight against Queen Rain and her armies of demons, who are all bent on ridding the universe of love, all while trying to win over Kazuya’s heart.
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Author: TOMITA Sukehiro, YAZAWA Nao
Artist: YAZAWA Nao
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Magical Girl, Romance
Demographic: Shoujo
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