Shuumatsu Train Doko e Iku

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Shuumatsu Train Doko e Iku
Shuumatsu Train Doko e Iku

In a seemingly ordinary rural town, something strange is happening to the residents. But Chikura Shizuru is more concerned for her missing friend. Determined to find her, Shizuru and three other girls board an abandoned train and travel to the outside world, unsure if they'll make it back alive. As they venture toward the unknown, the question looms: What awaits them at the final stop?

Dans une ville rurale apparemment ordinaire, quelque chose d'étrange arrive aux habitants. Mais Chikura Shizuru est plus inquiète pour son amie disparue. Déterminés à la retrouver, Shizuru et trois autres filles montent à bord d'un train abandonné et voyagent vers le monde extérieur, ne sachant pas si elles reviendront vivantes. Alors qu’ils s’aventurent vers l’inconnu, la question se pose : qu’est-ce qui les attend au dernier arrêt ?
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Alternative Names/Des Noms Alternatifs: Train to the End of the World
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Slice of Life
Demographic/Démographique: Seinen
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Michael Eh?

Forget 5G ... 7G the anime. Nothing like a totally messed up plot to brighten up a new season of shows. Just how messed up it gets is anyone's guess but worth watching and finding out.

Mr. G

The premise for this one is just *nuts*. The world building is wonderfully absurdist. Writing is humorous and the backgrounds are detailed. The character art itself is strangely simple, by comparison.


The show that remembers that objective reality is just a theoretical construct. The pilot does a good job of establishing the premise, but doesn't give me much idea what to expect from future episodes.


And I thought JoJo had a bizarre adventure ... The world goes completely off the rails, and now everything is completely messed up. Good old post apocalyptic setting, with some decent animation and it did make me laugh quite a bit. Not sure if I want to stick with this one personally, but it was kinda fun in a weird way.

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Date Reviewed: April 9 2024
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