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Midnight Children

It’s a story about a girl who lost her every memory. One stormy night, a sudden meeting changes her life forever. She starts anew while still trying to set the pieces of the puzzle that was once her life. Soon after, a love that puts everything on the line is born in the girl’s heart.
By chance, she starts living with a boyband called RISKY and her adventure of love and discovery begins...
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Author: SHINJO Mayu
Artist: SHINJO Mayu
Genre: Drama, Harem, Mystery, Romance
Demographic: Shoujo
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So, I know this is on my list of recommended reading, but let me say one thing.. I don't LOVE it but I also don't HATE it. The story line is good and the art is enjoyable, but it's defiantly something that you have to be 'in the mood' to read. If your not then it seems long winded and wordy, if you were in the mood to read something a little different in the wide range of 'band' based manga and some slightly mysterious happenings then this would be the thing to read. I have read it more than once.. and that's why I know its something you have to be in the mood for something more main stream with the personalities and characters. If your not into the idea of a memory lost girl causing problems for the up and coming super star band members some random comedy and drama thrown throughout the pages then I'd say don't read it, if your not sure if you really want to your kinda sitting on the fence about it I'd say read a chapter or two and that will tell you if its something you'll find enjoyable or not. Yes for those of you that are going wha? I am still sitting on the fence between love/hate it. *sits on fence eating fries*

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