Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu

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Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu
Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu
Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu

Vampires are said to have many weaknesses such as garlic, crosses, and sunlight. Game-loving vampire lord Draluc just so happens to be weak to... everything. He dies, turning into a pile of ash, at the slightest shock. After Vampire Hunter Ronaldo learned of a castle inhabited by a vampire rumoured to have kidnapped a kid, he went there intending to take the devil down. However, the vampire turned out to be Draluc, a wimp who keeps turning into ash at the smallest things. Moreover, the kid wasn't being held captive—he was just using the "haunted house" as his personal playground! When his castle is destroyed, Draluc moves into Ronaldo's office, much to the other's chagrin. Despite their differences, they must try to work together to defend themselves from rogue vampires, Ronaldo's murderous editor, investigators, and more—with Draluc dying continuously along the way.

On dit que les vampires ont de nombreuses faiblesses telles que l'ail, les croix et la lumière du soleil. Le seigneur vampire épris de jeu, Draluc, se trouve justement être faible pour... tout. Il meurt, se transformant en un tas de cendres, au moindre choc. Après que le chasseur de vampires Ronaldo eut appris l'existence d'un château habité par un vampire qui aurait kidnappé un enfant, il s'y rendit avec l'intention d'abattre le diable. Cependant, le vampire s'est avéré être Draluc, une mauviette qui continue de se transformer en cendres dans les plus petites choses. De plus, le gamin n'était pas retenu captif, il utilisait simplement la « maison hantée » comme terrain de jeu personnel ! Lorsque son château est détruit, Draluc emménage dans le bureau de Ronaldo, au grand dam de l'autre. Malgré leurs différences, ils doivent essayer de travailler ensemble pour se défendre contre les vampires voyous, le rédacteur en chef meurtrier de Ronaldo, les enquêteurs et plus encore, Draluc mourant continuellement en cours de route.
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Alternative Names/Des Noms Alternatifs: The Vampire Dies in No Time
Author/Auteur: BONNOKI Itaru
Artist/Artiste: BONNOKI Itaru
Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural
Demographic/Démographique: Shounen
Adapted from the manga/Adapté du manga


Michael Eh?

Non-stop nonsense. Some sympathy for Draluc who just gets by with just being left alone. Dying as in turning to sand is almost a defense reflex for him as most would just pass on him being dead. A over-blown vampire hunter trying to be bigger than he really is. Oddly they make a duo worth watching. That’s all… now second season.

Mr G.

I won't say the show doesn't try to be funny, but the first episode just does nothing to endear me to the Draluc character. The staright man is a bit too serious, and the funny man... kinda isn't, in my opinion. The style (both artistic and comedic) reminds me of "Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun", but I feel they do the supernatural humor schtick much better.


This was a fun, crazy comedy. The pairing of the complete wuss of a vampire with a (comparatively) competent human did make for some funny moments.

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Date Reviewed: January 17, 2023

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