Kiddy Grade

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Kiddy Grade

For Eclair and Lumiere, it was a normal day at receptoin at G.O.T.T. (Galatic Organization of Trade and Tariff), until a group of miltary cyborgs crashes the main lobby. Within a minute, they dispatched to attackers as though it were a drill. It would be the undertone of the mission and what lies ahead.


Genre: Action, Adventure, Ecchi, Mecha, Mystery, Science Fiction, Superpowers
Prequel to Kiddy Girl-and



"Not bad. Reminds me of Dirty Pair."


"Dirty Pair meets Sailormoon meets Dominion Tank Police meets..."


"I mock Nekoko's pain for missing the opening credits with the semi lesbian kiss. This deserves a panty shot count. Semi conventional stuff (French sounding nouns for names), but very pretty and intriguing."


"A strange and rather exciting show although with the main character's power, I don't know how they be believeably challenged as the series goes on."


"Dirty Pair Flash with a plot."

Michael Eh?

"While seemingly a clone of Dirty Pair on the surface, there seems to be undercurrents of something amissed even in episode one. Child heroes are usuall standard fair with adults as supporting roles if there at all. However, there is a sense these 'child' superheroes are pawns in a larger game."

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Year Reviewed: 2004

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