Erementar Gerad

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Erementar Gerad

Coud Van Giruet , one of the worse airship pirates, wanted to be boss of Red Lynx pirates just like his boss. Then they stole Edil Raid. Not just any Edil Raid. The Seventh Scintillating Treasure Tree. Reverie Metherlence. A girl that grants unlimited power to those who posses her. Now with his Boss and crew gone, he must fullfill one last order. Protect her, Coud then you will become a man. But for Coud, protecting the most powerful weapon in the world maybe more than anyone could handle.


Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Demographic: Shounen
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"Big ships AND ninjas? Sign me up."


"seems a conventional comedy action fantasy. no big surprises."


"I am a big fan of Captain Harlock so the air-space pirate theme is definitely one of my favourite genres. The techno ninjas were cool. I'm interested to see the rest of the series."


"He gets a big-ass sword!"


"I really enjoy animes like these. Thieves who travel the skies. It reminds me of my favourite RPG. Definitely a series to check out."

Der Blue Soldat

"The crazy ships are kinda weird! The weapon thing was kinda awesome in it's own way. I liked the show."


"I'm not sure if I like the pirates or not but the Guardians seem like a fun bunch and the girl who turns into a weapon is always an interesting story hook."

Crazy Zero

"Very interesting. The idea of a human-like robot 'reacting' with someone to give them a super weapon. The idea that the most powerful weapon only wants to be used by a rather odd individual is interesting to say the least."


"to put it in the most simple of forms.... very nice. Short but sweet. ^_^ the best review you can get."


"Interesting story and characters but for some reason, it reminds me of another but i can't quite place it. At the very least, we can say that there is just another reason not to make women angry."

Michael Eh?

"Some very cliché anime characters in this anime but some ways reminds me of 'El Hazard'. Girl-become-weapon has been played before but this is more so where the male character Coud comes of age to become a 'man' by protecting a girl who is more powerful of the two. Later episodes Coud must rethink how he treats Ren as he learns she has feelings as well."

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Year Reviewed: 2005

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