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Crest of the Stars

Jinto Lin's homeplanet Martine was suddenly taken over by the Abh Empire when he was ten years old and by a treaty his father was appointed leader of Martine and given an Abh nobel status. Now seven years of studying the Abh language, as a count, Jinto is finally to meet the Abh for the first time and be taken to their capitol, Lakfakale, for his training as a military officer. Though on the way there they are attacked by the United Mankind. An attack that triggers a long, long war with Jinto and his new-found friend Lafiel deeply entangled.
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Alternative Names: Seikai no Monshou
Author: Hiroyuki Morioka, YOSHINAGA Aya
Artist: ONO Toshihiro
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction
Based on novel series, Seikai Trilogy, a trilogy of space opera science fiction novels written by Hiroyuki Morioka. Also made into an anime series of the same name.


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